Friday, May 27, 2011

God Can!

There comes a time in a Christian's life where he or she hits a brick wall spiritually. Their doing everything that they always do but there is something missing. The passion is not there like it once was in the past. I have discovered that no one can take your passion for the Lord away but you. We allow the circumstances of the day rob us from the joy that is found in Christ alone. Effective prayer is becoming spiritually naked before the Lord. It is taking your hands off your life and allowing the Holy Spirit to have complete control. When we submit to the Lord there is complete freedom and healing. In Psalm 147:3 it says, "He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds." Now, when I talk about healing I mean spiritually. I spent a good part of my life seeking physical healing but what God was wanting to heal was my spiritual heart. He is more concerned about a relationship with you and I than He is about having fleeting moment of physical healing. I would rather sit in a wheelchair and be physically disabled than to walk without the aid of a device and be spiritually disabled. You and I have something in common. You may not know what it is like to sit in a wheelchair but you know what it feels like to feel pain. There is someone else that was familiar with pain and that is Jesus. He experienced the pain that we go through on this earth as He chose to give up the comfort of Heaven to come to earth and die a criminal's death. Why? Because He loves you! You may be sitting there and think "You don't know my past or what I am going through!" I may not understand completely but He does. God wants to give us freedom through His Son Jesus Christ. God can do the impossible through those who earnestly seek Him with all of their heart, soul, and mind. There is no mountain that you are facing today that God can't remove and cast into the sea. God has proven over and over in the past that when He speaks, something wonderful happens in the atmosphere. Prayer moves the Hand of God in and through areas of our lives where we have become paralyzed through hopelessness. When we come to the realization that we can't do anything in our own power or ability but to fall on our knees in prayer to Holy God, He can and will show His power in your life. We can't experience God's divine purpose and direction for our lives apart from prayer. Prayer doesn't just change the circumstances but it changes you on the inside that God's hand is upon your life. When God answers prayer, a miracle is performed with God's signature on it that cannot be explained by human reasoning. Instead of you waiting on Him, maybe He is waiting on you today. He is waiting for you to look to Him as your ultimate source of every need you have in this life. So, I leave you with another question, "Do you believe that God can?" If the answer is yes, then watch Him heal your broken heart today as He binds up every wound in your life and give you everlasting freedom!

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