Monday, May 23, 2011

We all have a story to tell. What makes one story more powerful than the next is if God is in the story. When God is included in the story there is supernatural events that take place that cannot be explained by human reasoning or by chance. God is behind the scenes of your personal story orchestrating every step in the believer's life. When that person learns to take his or hands off their lives the impossible happens. God waits until we have exhausted every avenue possible until we have nothing left but Him. Living with a disability has caused me to come face to face with a faith that has been tested through the fire. I have discovered that my childhood faith is true and steadfast. The stories about this God when I was a child has now become a reality. In the Old Testament, Job was a man who was familiar with adversity and pain. He makes a profound statement in Job 42:5 "My ears have heard of you, but now my eyes have seen you." I had heard a lot about Christ as a child and could retell certain bible stories but the question that I had to ask myself at the age of 20 is "Do I know Him?" I had exhausted every avenue trying to find peace and significance to life. I tried alcohol, experimented with drugs and even tried religion. However, I was empty inside and heading down a road of destruction. I had learned to mangage my pain through anger. My anger became a poisonous coping mechanism that led me to flirt with the idea of suicide. I became so wrapped up with self worship that I lost my sight of what life was all about and that was Christ. It was not until I was sitting inside of a revival at Sagemont Church where Bailey Smith was preaching on the "Wheat and the Tare" that I realized that I had a spiritual problem. My anger, disability, and past abuses had kept me from seeing Christ with my spiritual eyes. I would have told you as a young teenager that I was a Christian but I was just a person who had a lot of head knowledge but it hadn't transferred to my heart. My parents chose life over death when I was first born because of my Spina Bifida but now it was my turn to chose eternal life over spiritual death as an adult. Thank God, He pursued me with an everlasting love and He won!!! Now the question for you is "What is your story???

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